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Luna's new buddies

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I missed a weekend in here for posting so you are getting a bonus post... with pictures!

Luna, Dink's old cagemate, has been super lonely. She mostly lays around in her hammock. She can't go back in with the "bad girls" (Pickles and Bailey) because they will beat her up. So, John and I checked to see if our local breeder had any baby girls available. She did and we have already had several play dates with them and made our choices (not easy when they are all so cute and lovable).

The two are almost polar opposites in temperment. The fawn girl doesn't have a name yet. She is a super-sweet, mellow little girl. She likes to just find a spot on you and settle down to be petted. She doesn't seem timid, just snugglesome. John and I both fell in love with her instantly. Unfortunately, we didn't get any good pics of her, so the bottome left photo in the group pic at the top is her (i think, or else its one of her siblings) at 2 weeks. I'll upload more next weekend.

The agouti hooded with headspot (actually a little white stripe) seems to have a more complex personality. She is bold, but sweet. She is an adventurer and not afraid of anything. She reminds me alot of my Penelli (Penelope) when she was a baby. Full steam ahead. Her name came from her posture when she's being held in the air, she hangs super straight with her little head and ears kind of tilting forward. L.B. said "She looks just like a Pez dispenser"! Pez is her nickname, her full name is Pezmerelda (because every child needs a full name that parent's can use when they are being naughty and because John thought she needed a diva-ish name to match her temperment).

We get to pick them up this coming Saturday. I can't wait to get them home and introduce them to Luna. I think she is going to be ecstatic to have some nice little friends.


2 Responses to “Luna's new buddies”

  1. Anonymous Tonks 

    Awwwwww ~ so adorable!!

  2. Blogger eileen2000 

    thanks! I should have a short video of them playing up soon.

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