Owning rats, or as some say, being owned by rats, is a journey. For me it began with being intensely rat-phobic to where I am now, rat-obsessed (ok, i admit it).


Best-selling author talks about his pet rats

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Fresh Air from WHYY, May 14, 2007 ยท Wondering what your pet is trying to tell you with that bizarre habit or that pleading look? Dodman is the best-selling author of The Dog Who Loved Too Much and The Cat Who Cried for Help. His latest is Puppy's First Steps: The Whole-Dog Approach to Raising a Happy Healthy, Well-Behaved Puppy.

At the end of the interview on NPR (National Public Radio), Terry Gross asks Dodman about the pets he has at home. He mentions a rat (he had two but one died of old age) and Terry asks him "Why a rat"? He gives a wonderful and personal endorsement of why rats make such good pets. You can listen to the interview on the NPR website.


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