Owning rats, or as some say, being owned by rats, is a journey. For me it began with being intensely rat-phobic to where I am now, rat-obsessed (ok, i admit it).


Oggie the little crazy man

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Oggie is a nut. He is the one who makes me laugh the most. He is this little, tiny Black-eyed Siamese rat who thinks he is something else. He kind of reminds me of the Walter Mitty character. I imagine him having dreams of himself as a spy as he peers out of the blanket trying to sneak up on your hand or a space cowboy when he launches himself off of some high perch into the air. Climbing the backscratcher he is an aerialist performer. He goes so fast that almost every picture of him has motion blur. Even when everyone else is in focus.

John found a way to make him zoom. Oggie likes to stare at people. I don't know why exactly. If John looks at Oggie when Oggie is staring at him and says "Oggie!", he will race around like he just got caught in the act.

I used to roll over during the night and would wake up with some sense of being looked at. I would look over at the cage next to the bed and there would be odd, little Oggie looking at me.

Oggie loves the big boys. It was love at first site. I think his brother, Buster, is a little too tame for him. He likes to chase them and harass them until they have to catch him and turn him over and power groom him. And then he hops up and starts it all over again.

When Oggie gets older the dark points on his nose and rump should be more evident. One breeder I spoke with said that she didn't breed Black-eyed Siamese because of temperment issues. She obviously never met Oggie!


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